Béchemel Sauce aka White Sauce

This is your base for cream sauces, cream soups and even pudding. This is the base of all bases, it is beautiful and versatile. It is something I learned from my dad’s cousin when I was just learning my way around a kitchen and it has become one of my best friends when it comes to cooking with thick, rich, creamy sauces!

  • 2 TBS butter
  • 2 TBS flour
  • 1 cup coffee cream ( the heavier the cream the richer the sauce )

In a medium sized pot over medium low heat melt the butter in a pan. Once butter has melted add flour and begin to whisk together until a thick paste is formed.( Whisking the melted butter & flour together before adding liquids prevents lumps in your sauce 😉 ) Whisk for 1 minute before adding in the cream. ( Continuously whisking the sauce until thickened is important to prevent the sauce from turning lumpy and burning to the pot ) Once you’ve reached your desired thickness immediately remove pot from the burner.

** If your sauce is thicker than you intended or thickens too much while it cools, just add small amounts of cream until your desired consistency is achieved **

Other recipes needing this sauce will be added…


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